Rockhound Humor

Our own RockHound recollections
By Marvin Oesterle
“That is a genuine piece of quartz!"
XKCD cartoon

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Limericks, Puns, Riddles and more!

Reasons Collectors Collect Trilobites more often than Coral
By Marc Behrendt
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Fossil Collecting Jive and Terminology
By Marc Behrendt (and several dozen terminology donators)
"Bucket brigade – a scout troop at a fossil site"

Murphy’s Laws of Trilobite Collecting
By Marc Behrendt
"The best trilobite of the day will be found in the flakiest shale."

Directions for collecting vertebrate fossils.  From 1884!
" Each member of the party should be provided with a rubber blanket "

You Might be a Rockhound if -
"You went to a rock festival -- and you hate music."

Our Mineral Afflictions:
"Fractured toe: from kicking boulders that will not split after beating on them all day."

Writing Clinic #1  
Building Suspense withWorrisome Narrative Phrases
“…The larger moose didn’t scare as easily…”

Deciphering Collector-Speak 
(Mineral collectors sometimes say one thing and mean another.)
"Hey, you found a really nice specimen!"

Rockhound Cartoons 
Collected from many sources
"Is this ugly thing any good?"