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Rocks around the U.S.

Mineral Resources Data System

This link will take you to the

Mineral Resources Data System

which is run by the USGS.


It brings together data on mines, quarries, gravel pits and other mineral operations for the whole country, and allows you to display that information in your web browser, or download the information for use with other mapping products (Delorme, Garmin, Google, GIS etc.)

You can download the data for the entire country (266,000 locations!) or state by state and even individual counties.

The data in the system is sometimes less than accurate, as it was drawn from old sources and not checked against reality. It does give clues as to what might be found where and possible areas to explore.

This page allows you to view the data in your web browser (Doesn't seem to work with the Google browser, does with IE and Firefox) but you have to scroll down to find the line with your information. It also allows you to get data for a selected area.

A Location Guide for Rock Hounds in the United States

The following book may be downloaded for your use.
It was compiled from numerous sources by Robert C. Beste a geologist from Missouri. 
I find it handy when I'm traveling. It can give you good ideas about what to look for where ever you are.

Rocks around the U.S.


A Location Guide for Rock Hounds in the United States 2005 Ed.

Part 1 Table of Contents to Idaho 155 pp. (1.96 MB) Min-Loc05-1 PDF

Part 2 Illinois to  North Dakota 186 pp. (1.86 MB) Min-Loc05-2 PDF

Part 3 Ohio to Appendix 193 pp. (1.24 MB) Min-Loc05-3 PDF


Mr. Beste has a number of other things of interest to Geologists and Rockhounds on his website. Take a look here and here.

Download Free USGS Topo Maps for the entire US.

The Libre map project
Data page

This was a project where Individuals digitized USGS maps and submitted them to a common pool.
Now we all benefit.

Fieldtrips and guidebooks for Missouri


Fossil map

Provided by The Paleontological Society of Austin

Rocks around the U.S.

More Google Rockhound Maps
These maps have been created by a number of people, and contain information about sites around the country, may vary in quality

Mid-Atlantic fossil sites

My Fossil Hunting Locations

Cincinnati-Area Fossil sites

Ontario Rock and Mineral Collecting

Mineral Collecting

Victor Valley Rocks

Shark Fossils

Chicago-area Silurian Trilobite localities

Fossil sites near Montreal

Fossils in Nova Scotia