Field Trips - 2012

Unfortunately, due to insurance considerations our Field Trips are open to Members Only.
Participants are required to follow the AFMS Code of Ethics.
If you are not familiar with the Code please go to the AFMS site Ethics Page and read it.
Anyone participating in our field trips must abide by these rules.

While at some locations safety equipment may not be required, you should always bring:
Hard toe boots (steel or equal)
Hard Hat
Safety Goggles
Reflective vest
You'd really hate getting to a field trip and not be allowed to participate due to missing equipment.

In addition don't forget to bring your favorite collecting equipment.
Wrapping material for delicates
Snacks and fluids for those long hot days.
And don't forget to go before you get to the site, facilities will be non-existant!

Upcoming Trips for 2012

We are planning trips to:
Lafarge Quarry: Alpena, MI.
NEW! - Date set, Lafarge Quarry: Paulding, OH. Contact Field Trip chair for info.
NEW! - Date set, Alabastine Gypsum Mine: Grand Rapids, MI. Contact Field Trip chair or newsletter for info.
Crandell Brothers Gravel Pit: Charlotte, MI
Bayport Quarry: Bayport, MI
As well as shared trips to:
Flint Ridge, OH.
NEW! - Date set, Pipe Creek Junior Quarry, IN Contact Field Trip chair or newsletter for info.

Reports and photos from past trips.





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