The Information Sheet Project

Our Rock Information sheets fulfill a portion of our role as public educators and fosterers of future Rockhounds.
The information pages on the website are intended to expand on the sheets and provide "vetted" sources of further information. Info Page image

Each sheet is a quarter page of standard letter size paper which has the name of, and information about, one of the minerals, rocks or fossils we have on the "Kids Table" at our show.

The sheets for minerals are intended to carry; Name, Mohs hardness, Industrial uses, Common use (if any), Distribution - Rariety, General location of specimen occurance (this would apply only for our club specimens).

The sheets for fossils should have; Name, Age, Species infomation, Life Environment, Distribution, General location info.

The sheets covering rocks should give; Name, Uses, Reason it is valued (if different from use), Distribution, General location info.

Most of the information was drawn from Wikipedia then simplified, condensed, added to and edited for clarity and brevity.

In the editing I am trying to keep the terminology to a minimum and when used, a term should be defined, I'm still in progress on this aspect, especially in the web pages where there is much more room for expansion.


The sheets are distributed from small stands that are placed in the flats with the specimens.
Other possibilities for use include folding the sheet until it is about an inch wide and rubber banding them directly to each specimen - but whew.. that would be a LOT of work.

I'm also planning a "rack" to display/distribute them from. This would also be a place to include information not specific to specimens, such as Mohs scale, Rock Cycle, and Geologic time lines.

Currently there are about 50 different sheets either completed or in progress.
We are releasing the information for the sheets and the stands in the Creative Commons so that other clubs can expand, customize, correct and elaborate on the info.

It is our intent to act as a central location for clubs and members to add to and improve the project. Please send any improvements or additions to

You are free to download and use the sheets as long as they are distributed free of charge.

Sheet Document (in Open Document format)

Open document format is "readable" by microsoft products but they deliberatly mis-read the formating information so the document will not look correct.

I recomend downloading the FREE Open Office or LibreOffice packages.

Sheet Document (as PDF)

The Documents have four different sheets per page. In use, each sheet is duplicated (multiplied?) so that there are four of the same sheet on a page making it easier to control the numbers of each type of sheet to be printed.

Document (four per page) (Open Document format)

Document (four per page) (PDF)



Display stand construction.

Each stand is a 2 1/2 in. piece of 2X4 with a beveled front edge, a 1/2 in. groove in the top for the bottom of the sheets and another groove to accept a 3 1/2 in. by 4 in. piece of 1/8 in. masonite (hardboard)

Display rack (in progress)